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Energy Efficiency

Studies done at Oak Ridge National laboratory and the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition have shown that high reflective paint systems which are Energy Star Certified can save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs when compared to typical asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles absorb most of the sun's radiant heat making your attic extremely hot. Which in turn passes the heat into your home, costing you more on cooling cost. Metal roofs work by reflecting the suns solar radiation that hits each of the panels, keeping your attic and house cooler consequently lowering your energy cost. Uncle Sam will give you a $500.00 Tax deduction at the end of the year for installing an Energy Star rated metal roof thanks to the (Energy Policy Act of 2005).

* Download Tax Credit Form 5695 Here

Atlantic Metal Roofing

Atlantic Metal Roofing Wilmington NC Atlantic Metal Roofing is a formed division of Atlantic Building Corporation, a licensed and fully insured General Contractor in North and South Carolina, which has been in operation for several years. Our Specialty is providing and installing metal roofing systems for residential and commercial construction. We have highly trained installers with fifteen plus years of experience that can provide a variety of metal roofing systems.

We use multiple variations of metal roofing systems such as standing seam, 5v, classic rib, and many more to fit your needs. We offer a 30-45 year manufacturer paint warranty and a 30 year manufacturer substrate warranty for the products which are provided to our customers. This warranty also applies to ocean front properties that are installed with the proper metal roofing system. Our products are environmentally friendly; Energy Star rated, and has received UL's highest ratings for hail (impact) and fire resistance. It will also last an average of four to five times the life of a conventional asphalt shingle roof. An asphalt shingle roof's average life is less than sixteen years but our metal roofing systems can last a lifetime.